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The successful conclusion of the People's Fair industrial chain set up

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Hand in handicrafts "going out" to create a world market

The 5-day 2016 10th Kunming International Folk Art Fair was successfully concluded today. Exposition this fair, the People's Fair will be precise positioning, in addition to the original eco-crafts, innovative handicrafts, industrial arts and crafts, travel goods have become the hot category.

According to the statistics of the Organizing Committee of the People's Fair, the total number of visitors attending the fair is 80,000 with sales of nearly 10 million. The session also selected Yunnan Province Arts and Crafts Gold Award 72, Silver 86, Bronze 109, and was awarded the Yuxi City Cultural Industry Development Leading Group Office, Yunnan Disabled People's Employment Service Center, Wu Copper and Banking Association, Yunnan Purple Tao Research Association and other 14 units outstanding organization award. The rich and colorful folk handicrafts exhibited at the fair showcase the original ecological advantages of handicrafts in Yunnan and embody the fashion sense brought by creative handcrafts.

Fair built from the "handicraft industry chain"

A piece of goods on the hands of playing, more aware of the cultural sense of thick handicrafts, because some of them are thousands of years of heritage of handicrafts, passed from generation to generation, let it with the accumulation of history and culture, walked to modern venues Come.

Yunnan folk handicraftsmen and folk inheritors, are the symbols of Yunnan culture, they brought to Yunnan is gorgeous, original ecological arts and crafts, but for the world, they are with Yunnan taste of the cultural symbols. It is understood that some handicrafts in Yunnan, such as spot copper, tin products, silver products, silver and silver, embroidery, etc., are in recent years to the international market.

Because of the artist's inner feelings and the cultural beauty of patience and loneliness, Yunnan folk handicrafts are so pure and full of personality. Each ethnic group has its unique craft creation. Just as Jianshui pottery, Yi embroidery, Dali silverware , Wenshan costumes, there are many well-known folk factories or handicraft workshops, they are hidden in various places, but can not hide its fine, simple and wonderful.

The world found them, because of the fairs, but also in particular with Kunming International Folk Art Fair, the platform for our province handicrafts people set up a show stage, a sales stage, a gradually become the industry chain platform.

Yunnan handicrafts how to go to the international market?

Yunnan handicrafts how to go to the international arena? This is the people's fair, experts began to ponder the issue. As we all know, the nation is the world, Yunnan native ethnic minorities created 26 works, how to inject fashion elements, and to attract the world's vision?

It has been observed that Yunnan handicrafts need to carry out international exchanges with differentiated countries and accomplish the continuous "going out" in Yunnan in the next five years in order to allow Yunnan handicrafts to bloom outside the wall.

Yunnan handicrafts but also for a metamorphosis, the completion of the creation of the most creative works of native soil, so more in line with the fashion market, so that Yunnan folk handicrafts really out of Yunnan, go abroad.

While going out of the platform, we are still firmly convinced that taking the opportunity of "International Exhibition" as the platform and carrying out the "Wonderful Yunnan" exhibition is especially important. However, folk artists can now pay attention to the ceremony together, that is, we need to deeply understand the foreign Similar to "National Folk Crafts Fair," What are the wonderful? Then look "it's rock."

It's a stone of the mountain

Here are some of the listed countries on the handicrafts Expo fine case, we can see that many countries have started on the handicraft side of love.

2014 Italy International Handicrafts Fair in Milan, is the world's most visited handicrafts Fair, coincides with the eve of Christmas and Milan Expo, Italy and European countries, individuals and businesses will certainly buy gifts and order the next year's goods. The exhibition is divided into five major themes: household items, fashion items, handicrafts design area, handicrafts creation area and specialty food & beverage area. Every year, handicrafts from all over the world come together here. All skillful craftsmen learn from each other and are great platforms for displaying their products and learning skills.

The Abuja International Handicrafts Fair in Nigeria, held in September 2015, is held annually and is one of the most influential art events in Nigeria and throughout West Africa. Mysterious and full of African arts and crafts gathered in Nigeria, attracting a large number of people come to visit.

Held annually in Cologne, Germany, an international creative arts and crafts and hobby products exhibition is also a highlight of creative arts and crafts, attracting the attention of many exhibitors from neighboring countries.

The 13th Nepal Handicrafts Trade Fair was held in Kathmandu on May 5 this year. The fair has about 50 kinds of handicrafts exhibitors, focusing on Nepal's cashmere, wool, felt, silk, cotton products, hemp products, alloys, glass, bone angle products, crystal and leather and other products. In addition, other kinds of commodities such as textiles, silver handicrafts, metal handicrafts, ceramics, handmade paper, wood carvings, spices, oil paintings, stone carvings, bamboo products, gold objects, gems and herbal products are also on display. According to official figures in Nepal, the annual export of handicrafts from Nepal amounts to 10 billion rupees (about 100 million U.S. dollars) and is exported to about 1.1 million handicraft employees in more than 80 countries including the United States, France, Germany and Japan.


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